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Tunneling Services


Without tunneling services, working on concrete slab foundations would be nearly impossible, incredibly messy and extremely time-consuming. Hopefully your foundation will never need tunneling services, but if they do, call Stream Foundation Repair Of Nacogdoches at the number listed above. The reason tunneling services are offered is because sometimes there are areas of your concrete slab foundation that can’t be accessed through normal means. For instance, if there is a problem at the center of your structure, getting underneath of the concrete from inside of the house would be incredibly difficult and would create a huge mess.


If you don’t use tunneling services from Stream Foundation Repair Of Nacogdoches, chances are that you’ll end up having to jackhammer through your foundation from above. Not only is this inconvenient, but it creates a huge mess and a ton of noise. If you don’t want to go through the massive disruption of a jackhammer inside of your home, then we suggest giving us a call to discuss your tunneling options instead. Keep reading to learn how and why we tunnel and what it means for you and your foundation.


Tunneling is exactly what it sounds like, digging tunnels underground. The purpose of these tunnels are to get to hard to reach areas underneath your home. Since your home most likely has a concrete slab as it’s foundation (if you’re reading up on tunneling) then you know that breaking through your concrete slab with a jackhammer is the only way to get to some of your plumbing and drainage features. This isn’t ideal, and that’s where tunneling comes into play. When you tunnel, the homeowners may not even know we’re working under their house. If there’s a jackhammer running in your living room, you’re going to know about it!


Tunneling is a superior method for getting foundation and drainage repairs done. Instead of creating a big mess, lots of noise and a huge hole in your concrete slab, our technicians are able to get right to the source of the problem via a tunnel. Yes, the tunnel entrance will be in your yard, but if you go with Stream Foundation Repair Of Nacogdoches, you’ll be working with professionals that will make that entrance disappear once the job is complete. You won’t even know we were even there! Tunneling into the center of a house or structure’s foundation is simply the easier, cleaner, quieter and more sophisticated method for repairs.

No Disturbance

What most homeowners don’t realize when they call for foundation repair without tunneling, is that the repair team has to actually enter their home. On top of that, the repair team then has to use an extremely loud tool called a jackhammer to break through layers of concrete. Then, once the hole is made, they have to continue to work inside your home until they’re done, tracking mud and dust and particles every time they enter or exit. This is less than ideal and hopefully, Stream Foundation Repair Of Nacogdoches has just convinced you that you should go with our tunneling services instead. No disturbances!

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