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Concrete Slab Repair


We all know that concrete slabs are among the best, cheapest and most effective foundation materials known to modern day construction. Being the best doesn’t make them impervious, however. Concrete slabs are absolutely susceptible to cracks, extreme temperature damage, soil settling or even incorrectly done tunneling or excavation. Stream Foundation Repair Of Nacogdoches can help for all of the above listed situations. Our team of certified and licensed professionals will help guide you through the project planning and estimation phases right up to putting the finishing touches on your basement and yard at completion.


Concrete is so strong, yet inexpensive, that it makes the perfect building material. They aren’t without their disadvantages, such as not withstanding freezing temperatures, but in the right locale, they are absolutely the best choice. If you’re not sure if concrete slab technology is the best choice, Nacogdoches can help clear that up for you. Fortunately, Nacogdoches, TX doesn’t see many below freezing temperatures so concrete slabs are still a highly viable choice in our area. Concrete slabs not only cost less to install, but they passively help reduce your heating and air conditioning bills as well. Since there’s no crawl space under houses with a concrete slab foundation, the house is easier to heat and cool.


One of the several benefits of concrete slab foundations, is that they are very quick to install. Unlike pier and beam foundations, a concrete slab can be set and poured in four days, barring an adverse weather conditions. As mentioned above, because there is no crawl space, the hot and cold air from where the crawl space would be doesn’t have a chance to affect the temperature of the house. Also, because there is no crawl space, there’s no opportunity for mildew, mold, vermin or insects to grow and thrive there. All in all, the benefits are incredible and Stream Foundation Repair Of Nacogdoches recommends taking advantage of a concrete slab foundation whenever possible.


We’ve already pointed out the fact that crawl spaces don’t exist in homes that have a concrete slab foundation. Stream Foundation Repair Of Nacogdoches knows that this means you have less storage and any time there is a plumbing issue, the slab needs to be penetrated to do the repair. That, in itself, may be enough to dissuade someone away from using a concrete foundation, but there’s more. Because the slab is concrete, you have the possibility of moisture penetrating into the core of the slab and then freezing and expanding. This causes weakness in the slab and can ultimately lead to cracking. Nacogdoches knows the disadvantages of slab foundations and we are ready to walk you through choosing the right type of foundation for your home.


Concrete slabs are poured all at once into a mold or framing that is built on the footprint where your house will eventually go. It is poured all at once to give it the most strength, and it is sometimes even bolstered by steel rods or rebar. When Stream Foundation Repair Of Nacogdoches installs their concrete slab foundations, we give the option of installing on a bed of sand to improve drainage and provide a slight cushion.

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