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Pier & Beam Repair


Don’t have a concrete slab foundation? Don’t worry, Stream Foundation Repair Of Nacogdoches works on pier and beam foundations just the same. We’re experts in all manner of foundations, so whether you have concrete slab or pier and beam, we can help. Pier and beam foundations, just like any style foundation, have their strengths and weaknesses. Stream Foundation Repair Of Nacogdoches can help you navigate those qualities and guide you in the right direction. Not everyone is suited for a pier and beam foundation, that’s why we offer our expert advice to potential customers. We’re glad to help you through the installation or repair process, from start to finish.

What is Pier and Beam Anyway?

Pier and beam foundations are the alternative to concrete slab foundations. Instead of a large, solid block of concrete holding up your house, pier and beam foundations are columns of concrete poured in strategic locations underneath your home or structure. The weight is spread out and carried by structural beams that span the columns. This is a surprisingly effective method to supporting a home, and gives you some additional storage underneath your home as well as other extremely useful benefits. Keep reading to see what those are!


The benefits of pier and beam technology are varied and impressive. We bet you wouldn’t have thought of some of these advantages, and you’re not alone! A lot of our customers who would have otherwise gone with concrete slabs didn’t know this information either. For one, pier and beam foundations help protect from flooding due to the amount that the house is raised off of the ground. When you have a crawl space, which you do with pier and beam foundations, you have easier access to electrical and plumbing systems. It is also much, much easier to repair pier and beam foundations than concrete slabs.


Just like anything these days, where there are benefits, there are disadvantages as well. Pier and beam foundations are no exception. Stream Foundation Repair Of Nacogdoches won’t gloss over them like some other foundation repair companies will. We’ll lay it all out there for you to be informed and make the best decision for your home or structure. The main downside is that crawl spaces are damp and dark and are perfect places for rodents and other vermin to hide and nest. Keep this in mind and have your crawl space checked yearly for new infestations or damage.


Installing a pier and beam foundation is like riding a bike for Stream Foundation Repair Of Nacogdoches. We’re professional, courteous and on-time. When you have a strong and positive reputation to uphold, like we do, you make sure you put in 110% each and every time. We worked for hard for our name, and we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure you’re satisfied with your project. We aim for customer satisfaction in every aspect of our business, from the first call to the scheduling, from the material delivery to the final inspection. Let Stream Foundation Repair Of Nacogdoches manage your foundation repair today!

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